The Facts About Libido

The Facts About Libido

What is Libido?

Libido in its simplest terms is a person’s sexual desire, and in psychoanalytical theory, it can also be used to refer to our general instinct for life or to a life force that provides energy for activities that include biological, social, cultural, sexual, and creative endeavours.

What factors affect libido?

Libido can be affected by many factors in our lives such as stress, age, lifestyle and physical health; even our personality can have an effect. As a general rule, libido gradually decreases as we age and for women, a significant drop in sexual desire can occur following menopause. Interpersonal relationships can also affect libido with longer term partners often loosing an impulsive desire to engage in physical exchanges. Another factor that is well known to affect our behaviour is the use of medication, especially those associated with mood altering characteristics. Stress is also a factor and can go hand in hand with medication.
While in popular culture it is commonly reported that men have a higher libido than women, the evidence to support this is a bit of a mixed bag with often contradictory information. The general consensus seems to be that a man’s libido is more likely to be higher because of an increased level of testosterone in the body. Other suggest that women too have testosterone and that libido works in a more developed and complex way that includes mood and personal feeling.

Is there a cure for low libido?

Treatment for low libido may include lifestyle changes, sex therapy, and/or sex education although there is no guarantee these treatments will work. For a more immediate alteration to our desire, many people use medication to boost performance in the bedroom with the all famous blue pill becoming what is probably the most famous of all in the pharmaceutical world. A growing trend in performance enhancing herbs has also being recognised, with herbs that have an aphrodisiac affect now entering the mainstream.
With some amazing properties relating to health and well-being, many herbs that have been unknown to the western world for many years are now starting to get the recognition they deserve. Tongkat Ali is one such super-herb that has been used in parts of South East Asia for generations but has only recently been given the necessary clinical studies that report aphrodisiac effects that far surpassed what might be expected form a naturally occurring plant.
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